Between the ages of 12 and 18, Tom undertook a wide variety of engagements, taking part in ensemble work, appearing as a soloist and in a duo with harpsichord player Adrian Bush, and touring the UK and Europe with the Suffolk Youth Orchestra and as a member of the South Suffolk Sinfonia. His involvement in other genres was increasing; during this period he developed his skills at composition and improvisation, and played his harp with amplification and electronic effects in two original rock bands, The Apologies and Evil Genius.

Throughout this time he was helped and supported in his harp studies by a number of people, including a regular benefactor who retains his or her anonymity to this day, and the Society of Friends' Greenwood Trust.

With the demands of solo recitals and orchestral playing, Tom was greatly in need of a full-sized modern concert harp. With the help of his supporters, he was able to purchase an Amphion harp, built by Aoyama, from the showrooms of Clive Morley.

Tom played this harp for 17 years, and was devastated when it was destroyed in the fire which broke out in Florence and the Machine's equipment trailer as the band toured Europe in 2009.

He is greatly indebted to Morley Harps, who went out of their way to deliver a replacement harp to him as soon as he returned to London. The new harp is almost identical to his first Amphion, and he is very happy with it.

 Details of the Aoyama Amphion harp

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